DANIELA BUONVINO is an Italian industrial designer who has been living in the Netherlands since 2009. She is currently attending the KABK, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, in Den Haag , as she is in constant need of learning and exploring new approaches. The passion for industrial design, on the one hand, and sustainability, on the other, is the sparkle that charts a course in her creative career. BULBkeg, as a result of this intersection, perfectly represents its force.

BULBkeg came to life a couple of years ago, on a summer night. While wandering in the centre of Amsterdam, Daniela bumped into some waste left on the sidewalk. The shine of a perfectly spherical object grabbed her attention. It seemed like a giant light bulb, but it actually was an empty beer keg. Because of her ethical and professional interest in upcycling waste material, she found a way to collect the used kegs and started turning them into her first vision: the light bulb. Therefore, different kinds of hand-crafted lamps took form. She called them BULBkeg, which is the Italian name for bulb combined with keg, which is the recycled keykeg she is using to create here pruducts. Bulb it may be used for both lights and plants. This double meaning made her think of a different possible purpose of the keg: a spherical pot for plants  which it may be used as an effective midget greenhouse that protects outdoor plants during the winter.

BULBkeg is not only a decorative item. It is also a multifunctional and sustainable product with a strong creative potential that Daniela wants to keep on exploring.


Text by Francesca Galmacci