Experience and interaction are two important elements in our time, is the moment wherein people feel alive and connected, in spite of the chaos of our world full of inputs and distractions.


I want people being aware about sight and hearing, light and sound...


Industrial Design Graduate Daniela Buonvino has joined forces with Donna da Yetta Light-design.


Daniela connects light & sound, and has developed a high-quality interactive streetlighting technology, hidden in traditional streetlights.


Sound detectors record the sounds of the city and translate these into a sophisticated light show. Light and color reflect on the water of the canals, and on the facades of historic buildings, providing new opportunities for interaction between visitors and inhabitants and create a nightly city experience.


The installation has been created to attract people, like a mermaid singing the back ground sounds of the city, but now transformed into light waves. 


Donna da Yetta Light Design helped Daniela with the electronics & programming the light, and is proud to be part of this intriguing and wonderful piece of art.